Can I Get Balatro on iOS?

Gamers with a penchant for poker and roguelikes have been eagerly eyeing Balatro, a deck-building masterpiece that blends the two genres into a unique and captivating experience. But for those on iOS devices, the question remains: can you get Balatro on your iPhone or iPad?

Can I Get Balatro on iOS?


The answer, unfortunately, is not an easy yes or no. While Balatro is currently available on PC and all major consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch), there is no official iOS release yet. This leaves many mobile gamers wondering if and when they can join the Balatro craze.

So, what do we know about a potential iOS release? Here’s what we’ve gathered:

1. The Developer’s Intent

The good news is that the developers at LocalThunk are interested in bringing Balatro to mobile. In a recent interview, they confirmed having a mobile version in the works for testing, and they see it as a natural fit for the platform.

2. Release Timeline

However, there’s no concrete timeline for an iOS release. The developers haven’t provided any specific dates, suggesting the mobile version might still be in its early stages of development.

3. Alternative Options

While waiting for the official iOS release, gamers have a few alternative options:

  • Play on PC or Console: If you have access to a PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, you can grab Balatro there and enjoy the full experience.
  • Android Version: Balatro is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you’re in luck!
  • Similar Games: For a similar deck-building roguelike experience on iOS, you can explore options like Card Quest, Slay the Spire, or Monster Train.
  • Stream Link: Another option for playing Balatro on mobile is to use game streaming services, such as GeForce Now or Steam Link. These services allow you to stream games from your PC or cloud servers to your phone, as long as you have a stable internet connection and a compatible controller. However, the downside of game streaming is that you must have the game purchased on a gaming platform (e.g. Steam), and game streaming services are paid

4. Stay Informed

The best way to stay updated on Balatro’s mobile development is to follow the game’s official channels:

5. Manage Expectations

It’s important to manage your expectations. While a mobile release is likely, it might not happen anytime soon. Don’t get discouraged, but focus on alternative options or other exciting games while you wait.

Beyond the Release

While the question of “when” remains unanswered, it’s worth exploring why Balatro would be a great fit for mobile.

  • Genre Compatibility: The fast-paced, strategic nature of Balatro translates well to mobile, where players can enjoy quick bursts of gameplay on the go.
  • Touchscreen Controls: The deck-building mechanics and card interactions can be easily adapted to touchscreen controls, offering a smooth and intuitive experience.
  • Replayability Factor: Balatro’s roguelike elements ensure high replayability, perfect for mobile gamers who enjoy bite-sized challenges.

Balatro on iOS: FAQ

Is Balatro ever coming to iOS?

Yes, the developers are actively working on a mobile version, but there’s no confirmed release date yet.

Why is there no iOS version yet?

Developing a mobile game requires specific considerations and resources. The developers might be prioritizing other platforms or focusing on polishing the PC and console versions first.

Final Words

Whether you’re an avid poker player, a roguelike enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique and engaging mobile game, Balatro has your attention. While the wait for an iOS release might test your patience, it’s worth keeping an eye on the game’s development. With its potential for mobile success, Balatro could be the next big thing to hit your iPhone or iPad. So, stay tuned, shuffle your deck, and get ready to deal the winning hand when the time comes!

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