Geometry Dash on iOS 17: Is It Compatible?

Geometry Dash, that iconic rhythm-based platformer, has been a fixture in the App Store for well over a decade. But with the arrival of iOS 17, some players are hitting a compatibility wall. In this guide, we’ll delve into the question of whether Geometry Dash can strut its stuff on iOS 17 and what to do if it can’t.

Geometry Dash on iOS 17: Is It Compatible?

Compatibility Issues with iOS 17

Here’s the scoop: Geometry Dash is a 32-bit app, and iOS 17 is all about the 64-bit life. That means these two aren’t on speaking terms. This change in Apple’s rulebook demands that all new apps go 64-bit, ensuring they perform like champs and stay secure on the latest devices.

Possible Solutions for Geometry Dash on iOS 17

While the game developers haven’t waved their magic wands to fix the issue just yet, there are a couple of moves you can make if you’re eager to keep your geometry hopping on iOS 17:

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  1. Downgrade to iOS 16: If Geometry Dash is your jam, you could dial things back to iOS 16. But, hold your horses; this could mean missing out on the latest iOS goodies and possibly playing it fast and loose with your device’s security.
  2. Play the Waiting Game: The simple solution? Hang tight and hope for an update from the good folks at RobTop Games, the creators of Geometry Dash. While there’s no firm release date for that update, stay on the lookout for announcements.

Exploring Plan B

If you’re on the hunt for some rhythmic fun and Geometry Dash isn’t playing nice with iOS 17, there’s a treasure trove of alternatives waiting for you in the App Store. Here are some popular picks:

  • Super Hexagon
  • Cytus II
  • Deemo
  • VOEZ
  • Arcaea

In Conclusion

Geometry Dash might be giving iOS 17 the cold shoulder, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You can either backtrack to iOS 16 or keep your fingers crossed for a Geometry Dash-17 reunion in the form of an update. And if you’re itching for a different beat, the App Store is bursting with fantastic rhythm-based games to explore.


Does Geometry Dash work on iOS 17?

No, it is a 32-bit app and is not compatible with iOS 17, which only supports 64-bit apps. This is due to a change in Apple’s development guidelines, which now mandate that all new apps must be 64-bit to ensure optimal performance and security on newer devices.

What are some alternatives to Geometry Dash for iOS 17?

There are many other great rhythm-based platformers available on the App Store. Here are a few popular options:
Super Hexagon
Cytus II

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