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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mere mention of the name conjures images of sprawling sun-soaked streets, gang wars, and an endless sandbox of chaotic fun. Now, you can relive this open-world masterpiece on your iOS device, and what better way to crank up the excitement than with some good old-fashioned cheat codes? Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into the world of GTA San Andreas cheats for iOS, unlocking secrets, unleashing mayhem, and bending the virtual world to your will.

Before we begin, a friendly warning: While cheats can add a layer of hilarious or downright absurd fun, they can also impact game progress and achievements. Use them judiciously, and remember to back up your save files if you don’t want to get caught in a digital vortex of your own making.

Accessing the Cheat Console:

Unlike the console versions where cheats were entered during gameplay, the mobile ports require a slightly different approach. Here’s how to access the cheat console on your iOS device:

  1. Pause the game: Tap the menu button in the top left corner.
  2. Open Options: Tap the cogwheel icon on the bottom right corner.
  3. Accessibility: Navigate to the “Accessibility” tab.
  4. Enter Cheat Code: Look for the button titled “Enter Cheat Code” and tap it.

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GTA San Andreas Cheats iOS

GTA San Andreas Cheats iOS 

Now, let’s dive into the juicy stuff: the cheats themselves! Here’s a selection of codes categorized for maximum fun:

Weapons and Mayhem:

  • Full Ammo (All Weapons): BAGGER
  • Infinite Ammo: JYSNETT
  • Maximum Weapon Skill: PROFESSIONALKILLER
  • Weapons on Fire: RAINBOWDASH
  • Exploding Cars: CARSGOBOOM
  • One-Hit Kill: THUGLIFE
  • Riot Mode: RIOT
  • Gang War: CNRTRG

Vehicles and Transportation:

  • Spawn Tank: AMOMAMMOM
  • Spawn Hunter (Helicopter): OHDUDE
  • Spawn Jetpack: ROCKETMAN
  • Spawn Train: CRAZYTOWN
  • Spawn Rapid GT: BRINGITON
  • All Cars Have Nitro: SLOWMO
  • Make Any Car Fly: JUMPJET
  • Traffic Light Chaos: GREENLIGHT
  • Change Radio Station with Phone: IDDQD

Character Tweaks and Fun:

  • Full Health and Armor: HESOYAM
  • Infinite Health (Explosions, drowning, and falling still hurt): BAGOVIX
  • Change CJ’s Appearance: CHEAT CODE (Enter a combination of letters and numbers like “CPKYSW” for Big Head)
  • Faster Running: SLOWMO (opposite effect)
  • Drunk Mode: SLOWMO (again, different effect)
  • Moon Gravity: JYSNETT (Hold L1)
  • Pedestrians Attack Each Other: WEAPONSHOP
  • Pedestrians Are Clowns/Fast Food Workers: CLOWNS

Hidden Gems:

  • NRG-500: Copy-save data (use this trick to activate the “NRG-500” save file that comes with unlimited ammo and health)
  • BTTRE: Bigfoot rampage (rumored to be hidden)
  • YLLWTRD: Clown CJ (changes your appearance)

Fun & Games:

  • CPGJMP: Spawn a parachute
  • BEKFAST: Instant health
  • AFKBNRG:** Start a riot
  • KVGTPD:** Spawn police cars (be prepared for trouble!)
  • JYSNTRD:** Crazy pedestrians (watch out for clown CJ!)

Bonus Round:

  • KROSE: Change the weather (sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy).
  • TURNUP: Make all cars drive faster.
  • AFKIF: Make all cars pink.
  • YIPPEE: Spawn a clown car.
  • BUFFMEUP: Make CJ super muscular.

Remember: Using too many cheats can glitch the game or make future missions impossible. Use them responsibly and have fun!

Disclaimer: Please note that using cheats may disable achievements and trophies in the game. Use them at your own discretion.


How do I enter GTA cheat codes on iOS?

There are two main ways:
Touchscreen: Tap the map icon, then navigate to Options > Accessibility > Enter Cheat Code.
Controller: Enter the cheat code sequence directly during gameplay, like on consoles.

Is it safe to use cheats?

While cheats can be fun, they may disrupt game balance and progression. Use them responsibly and sparingly for the best experience.

Why aren’t my cheat codes working?

Ensure you’re entering the code correctly, including capitalization and spacing. Some cheats may have specific requirements, like needing a cheat-activated weapon.

My game glitched after using a cheat! What do I do?

If a cheat causes problems, try reloading a save file from before you used it. You may also need to restart the game or your device.

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