How to Enable Guest Mode on Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro provides an immersive and personalized experience, but what if you want to share its wonders with someone else? That’s where Guest Mode on Apple Vision comes in. This handy feature allows you to let others try out your Vision Pro without compromising your data.

Whether showcasing the device to a friend, allowing a family member to use it for accessibility, or even letting a potential buyer test it out, Guest Mode provides a safe and temporary solution. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about enabling Guest Mode on your Vision Pro.

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How to Enable Guest Mode on Apple Vision Pro

How to Enable Guest Mode on Apple Vision Pro

Enabling Guest Mode is an easy process:

  1. Open Control Center: Look up and tap the down button at the top of your view. Then, tap the Control Center button itself.
  2. Locate Guest User: Among the control options, find the icon resembling a head inside a dotted circle. This represents the Guest User.
  3. Customize Access (Optional): Tap on Guest User to access settings. Here, you can choose what the guest can access:
    • Open Apps Only: Restricts access to currently open apps, ideal for quick demos.
    • All Apps & Data: Grants limited access to your apps and data. Remember, sensitive information like Optic ID, Apple Pay, EyeSight, and Persona remain private.
  4. View Mirroring (Optional): Want to see what the guest is experiencing? Tap on View Mirroring and choose a compatible device to mirror the Vision Pro display.
  5. Start the Session: Once you’re ready, tap “Start.” Remember, you have five minutes to pass the Vision Pro to the guest before the session automatically ends.

A Glimpse of What Guests Can Do

In Guest Mode, guests can enjoy a range of Vision Pro functionalities:

  • Explore the Home Screen: They can access pre-installed apps like Spatial Audio, Fitness, and Accessibility settings.
  • Experience Apps: Allow them to use open apps or, if you granted access, browse your app library with limited permissions.
  • Adjust Settings: Guests can personalize their experience by adjusting brightness, audio, and accessibility settings within Guest Mode limitations.
  • Learn More: A dedicated section provides them with basic instructions and information about Guest Mode and privacy.

Important Considerations and Tips

Here are some key points to remember when using Guest Mode:

  • Guest Activity is Temporary: All activity within Guest Mode is wiped clean upon ending the session. Downloads, app usage, and settings adjustments won’t affect your main profile.
  • Limited Access: Even with “All Apps & Data” chosen, guests cannot access sensitive information like passwords, banking details, or personal messages.
  • Passcode Protection: Remember, if you have a passcode set, the Vision Pro will automatically lock after five minutes of inactivity or when you end the Guest Mode session.
  • Mirroring for Assistance: Utilize View Mirroring to guide guests unfamiliar with the Vision Pro or assist if needed.
  • Cleaning and Hygiene: Don’t forget to disinfect your Vision Pro before and after allowing someone else to use it, especially if it’s being worn directly on the face.

Sharing the Vision: Beyond Guest Mode

Guest Mode offers a convenient way to introduce others to the Vision Pro, but there are alternative approaches:

  • Create a separate Vision Pro profile: If someone will use the device regularly, consider setting up a dedicated profile for them. This provides more tailored access and settings while maintaining clear separation from your data.
  • Consider accessibility features: Vision Pro offers robust accessibility options that don’t require Guest Mode. If someone needs temporary assistance, explore features like VoiceOver or Zoom.

The Final Word: Sharing Responsibly

Enabling Guest Mode on your Vision Pro allows you to share its capabilities while safeguarding your privacy. By understanding the features, limitations, and best practices, you can ensure a smooth and secure experience for both you and your guests. So, go ahead, activate Guest Mode, and let others experience the magic of the Vision Pro!

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