How to Fix Failed to Join Lobby Error in Helldivers 2

The recently released Helldivers 2 has taken the cooperative action-strategy world by storm. However, some players have encountered a frustrating roadblock: the “Failed to Join Lobby” error. This error message prevents you from joining online matches, hindering the core cooperative experience.

While this issue can be disheartening, fear not, fellow Helldivers! This guide delves into the potential causes and offers a comprehensive toolbox of solutions, including some lesser-known fixes you might not find elsewhere.

Understanding the Cause

The “Failed to Join Lobby” error primarily stems from server overload. With a new game’s launch, a surge of players can overwhelm the servers, making it difficult to establish connections and join lobbies. However, other factors can contribute, including:

  • Network connectivity issues: Unstable internet connections, firewalls, or router configurations can disrupt matchmaking.
  • Game bugs: Newly released games often harbor unforeseen bugs that can impact online functionality.
  • Regional matchmaking limitations: In some cases, limited player availability in your region can hinder matchmaking success.

How to Fix Failed to Join Lobby Error in Helldivers 2

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Here’s a comprehensive list of solutions, starting with the most common fixes and progressing to less explored options:

1. The “Turn it Off and On Again” Classic

  • Restart the game: This age-old solution can often resolve temporary glitches and refresh the connection.
  • Reboot your network devices: Restarting your router and modem can sometimes clear up network issues.

2. Optimizing Your Connection

  • Check your internet connection: Ensure you have a stable and strong internet connection. Consider using an ethernet cable for a more reliable connection compared to Wi-Fi.
  • Adjust firewall settings: If you have a firewall, temporarily disable it to see if it’s interfering with the game’s online functionality. Remember to re-enable it afterward for security reasons.

3. Tinkering with Game Settings

  • Disable Crossplay: This can help narrow down the pool of players the game searches for, potentially increasing your chances of finding a compatible lobby, especially if your region has limited player availability.
  • Try the “Quickplay” option in the Automatons sector: Some players have reported success using this specific “Quickplay” option within the Galactic War table.

4. Addressing Potential Bugs

  • Update the game: Developers often release patches to address bugs and improve online stability. Check for and install any available updates for Helldivers 2.
  • Verify game file integrity (PC only): This process ensures your game files are intact and free from corruption. You can typically find this option within the game’s properties on Steam.

5. Uncommon, Yet Potentially Effective Solutions

  • Flush your DNS (Domain Name System): This can help clear outdated cached data that might be causing connection issues. Search online for specific instructions on how to flush your DNS based on your operating system.
  • Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) (with caution): While not a recommended solution due to potential security risks and performance impacts, some players report success using a VPN to connect to a server in a different region with potentially lower player load. However, proceed with caution and only use reputable VPN services.


  • Patience is key: During peak hours or shortly after launch, server overload might be unavoidable. Be patient and try again later.
  • Report the issue: If none of the solutions work, consider reporting the issue to the game’s developers. This helps them identify and address the problem in future updates.
  • Embrace the single-player experience: While frustrating, the “Failed to Join Lobby” error doesn’t completely halt your Helldiver journey. You can still enjoy the game’s single-player campaign and hone your skills while waiting for the online functionality to stabilize.

By trying these solutions and understanding the potential causes, you can increase your chances of successfully joining lobbies and unleashing cooperative mayhem in Helldivers 2. Remember, the online landscape can be dynamic, so persistence and a willingness to explore different solutions might be necessary. So, suit up, fellow Helldivers, and keep the fight for democracy alive!

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