How To Fix Helldivers 2 Reinforce Not Working

Facing the “Reinforce Not Working” bug in Helldivers 2 can be incredibly frustrating, especially in the midst of a challenging mission. While common online solutions often focus on basic troubleshooting, this guide delves deeper, exploring lesser-known fixes and offering insights into the potential causes behind this problem.

Understanding the Problem

Before diving into solutions, let’s understand the potential culprits:

  • Server-side problem: The error could originate from the game’s servers, beyond your control.
  • Connectivity problems: Unstable internet connections can disrupt communication, hindering reinforcement functionality.
  • Game bugs or glitches: Unforeseen bugs within the game may prevent the reinforcement mechanic from working correctly.
  • Client-side problem: Corrupted game files or software conflicts on your device can cause unexpected behavior.

How To Fix Helldivers 2 Reinforce Not Working


Traditional Fixes

  1. Check Your Internet: Ensure a stable and strong internet connection. Run speed tests, consider wired connections over Wi-Fi, and contact your ISP if necessary.
  2. Restart the Game: A restart can often resolve temporary glitches. Give it a shot, even though it might seem like a basic solution.
  3. Verify Game Files: This process (often found in launcher settings) checks for corrupted game files and repairs them automatically.
  4. Update Helldivers 2: Developers always release patches addressing known problems, including bug fixes for reinforcement functionality. Update the game to the latest version.

Beyond the Basics

While verifying game files, updating the game, and restarting the application are standard troubleshooting steps, consider these often-overlooked solutions:

1. Network Optimization:

  • Prioritize Helldivers 2 traffic: Utilize Quality of Service (QoS) settings on your router to prioritize network traffic for Helldivers 2. This ensures your game receives the necessary bandwidth for smooth online functionality.
  • DNS Flush: Occasionally, outdated DNS cache can disrupt online connections. Flush your DNS through command prompt or network settings to refresh your connection and potentially resolve the problem.

2. Local File Integrity:

While game verification tools are helpful, manually checking specific files can sometimes identify problem missed by automated scans. Find the following files within your Helldivers 2 installation directory:

  • Save.dat: Corrupted save data can cause gameplay problems. Back it up and try deleting it to force the game to generate a fresh save file.
  • Reinforcement_logic.dll (or equivalent): This file specifically handles the reinforcement mechanic. If corrupted, it might hinder the functionality. Try verifying its integrity through your game launcher.

3. Advanced Troubleshooting:

Disclaimer: These methods involve modifying game files and carry a slight risk. Proceed with caution and back up your game data before attempting these steps.

  • Config File Adjustments: Find the game’s configuration file (usually named “config.ini” or similar) and search for lines related to “reinforcements.” Experiment cautiously by slightly adjusting specific values related to cooldown timers or activation ranges. However, remember that modifying game files may violate online terms of service and potentially lead to account suspension.
  • Community-Developed Fixes: Explore online forums and communities dedicated to Helldivers 2. Occasionally, experienced players and modders share unofficial workarounds or patches addressing specific bugs. Always exercise caution and thoroughly research any community-developed solutions before implementing them.

Reporting the Issue

If none of the solutions work, consider reporting the bug directly to the game developers. Detailed reports with specific information about the situation, error messages, and attempted troubleshooting steps to help developers in identifying and fixing the issue. You can usually report bugs through the game’s official website or forum.

Additional Tips

  • Check Server Status: Before attempting, check the game’s official channels or community forums for any reports of server problems. The “Reinforce Not Working” problem may stem from server-side problems, and a temporary fix might be on the way.
  • Alternative Strategems: While not a direct solution, consider utilizing alternative strategems to revive fallen comrades. The “Medigel” strategem provides limited healing, and the “Airlift” strategem can extract players for revival at the Drop Zone. These can serve as temporary workarounds until the “Reinforce” functionality is restored.

Final Words

The “Reinforce Not Working” bug in Helldivers 2 can be a frustrating roadblock, but with a combination of standard troubleshooting, exploring lesser-known solutions, and potentially reporting the problem, you can increase your chances of resolving it and getting back to the cooperative action. Remember, exercising patience and seeking assistance from the community can go a long way in overcoming this challenge.

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