How to Fix PS4 Error Code ce-34878-0

The PS4, a beloved gaming powerhouse, sometimes encounters the pesky error code CE-34878-0, displaying the message “An error has occurred with the application.” This guide will help you navigate through effective solutions to overcome this interruption and resume your gaming pleasures.

Understanding the Error:

This error typically occurs when launching or playing games or applications on your PS4. It can be caused by various factors, including:

  • Outdated software: Both the PS4 system software and individual games may need updating to resolve compatibility issues.
  • Corrupted data: Damaged game files or system software can lead to unexpected errors, including the CE-34878-0.
  • Hardware issues: Occasionally, faulty hard drives or other internal components can trigger this error.
  • Third-party HDD upgrades: If you’ve replaced the original HDD with a non-standard one, it might not be compatible with the PS4

How to Fix PS4 Error Code ce-34878-0

How to Fix PS4 Error Code ce-34878-0

Armed with this understanding, let’s explore various solutions to combat the CE-34878-0 error:

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1. Restart the Application and Your PS4:

A simple yet effective solution. Close the affected application, restart your PS4, and relaunch the application to resolve minor glitches and conflicts.

2. Update Your Games and System Software:

Ensure you’re running the latest software versions to eliminate bugs and compatibility issues. Update games via Notifications and system software through Settings.

3. Restore Your PS4 Licenses:

Corrupted or missing licenses can cause issues. Restore your licenses through Settings, Account Management, and then try relaunching the application.

4. Rebuild the Database:

Rebuilding the PS4’s database can resolve corrupted data issues. Activate safe mode, connect your controller, and select option 5 to rebuild the database.

5. Initialize Your PS4:

Caution: This erases all data. Back up, then initialize through Settings. Choose Full initialization, reinstall system software, and restore backed-up data.

6. Check for Hard Drive Issues:

If previous solutions fail, check for hard drive issues via Settings, System, and Storage. Select your hard drive, then Check File System to fix errors.

7. Contact PlayStation Support:

If all else fails, seek expert assistance. Contact PlayStation Support for further troubleshooting or repair arrangements.

Preventing Future Errors

  • Regular System and Game Updates: Maintain a habit of regularly checking for and installing updates for your system software and games.
  • Data Management: Regularly delete unnecessary data and keep your storage space optimized.
  • Turn off the PS4 properly: Avoid turning off the console abruptly, as this can corrupt data.
  • Use a surge protector: Protect your PS4 from power surges and electrical damage.
  • Avoid third-party hardware modifications: Only use officially approved accessories and components with your PS4.

Bonus Tips

  • Free up storage space to avoid problems.
  • Ensure proper ventilation to prevent overheating.
  • Clean physical game discs with a microfiber cloth if errors persist.


The CE-34878-0 error can be conquered. Follow these solutions to identify and fix the problem, allowing you to resume your gaming enjoyment.”

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