How to Fix Warframe iOS Cross Save Missing

Tenno, rejoice! Warframe’s cross save functionality has finally arrived on iOS, allowing you to seamlessly continue your grind across platforms. But with new features come new challenges, and some Tenno might encounter missing items or confusion during setup. Fear not! This guide will cover everything you need to know about Warframe iOS Cross Save, from troubleshooting missing items to setting it up for smooth gameplay.

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How Warframe iOS Cross Save Works

How to Fix Warframe iOS Cross Save Missing

Cross-save allows you to merge your existing Warframe progress from PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch with your iOS account. This means your Warframes, weapons, mods, resources, and even Prime Access purchases will be available on your mobile device. However, there are some important things to note:

  • Primary Account: You’ll need to choose one platform as your “primary” account, which will become the source for your cross-save data.
  • Progression Merge: Progress from your secondary platforms (including iOS) will be merged into your primary account. This means your iOS progress will be overwritten, so be sure to back it up if you want to keep it separately.
  • Item Limitations: Some items, like TennoGen cosmetics purchased on PC before November 2023, might not be available on consoles and mobile.
  • Limited Functionality: Some features, like chat and trading, are currently unavailable on iOS.

How to Set Up Warframe iOS Cross Save

Ready to dive in? Here’s how to set up cross-save:

  1. Create an iOS Warframe account: If you haven’t already, download the Warframe app and create a new account.
  2. Link to your primary account: Go to the Warframe website and log in to your primary account. Visit the Account Management page and navigate to the “Linked Accounts” section. Click “Link Account” and choose “Warframe Mobile.” You’ll be redirected to the Warframe app, where you need to confirm the linking.
  3. Choose your primary platform: Select the platform you want to use as your primary source for cross-save data.
  4. Enjoy your merged progress! Your Warframe progress from your chosen primary platform should now be available on your iOS device.

How to Fix Warframe iOS Cross Save Missing

Before We Begin

  • This guide assumes you’ve already linked your Warframe Mobile account to your Cross Platform Save account. If not, head to the Account Management page on and follow the official instructions.
  • Remember, Cross Save is still in beta. Expect occasional hiccups and missing items. Report any issues to the official forums to help the developers squash the bugs.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Force Quit and Restart: This basic trick often works wonders. Close the Warframe Mobile app completely, then relaunch it. See if your missing progress or items reappear.
  2. Check Network Connection: Ensure your device has a stable internet connection. A weak or unstable connection can disrupt communication with the Warframe servers, leading to data discrepancies.
  3. Verify Platform: Double-check that you’re playing on the platform where the missing items or progress originated. Cross Save doesn’t magically transfer items between platforms that didn’t originally have them.
  4. Clear App Cache: Sometimes, corrupted app data can cause issues. Try clearing the Warframe Mobile app cache and restarting. Refer to your device’s specific instructions for clearing app cache.
  5. Relink Accounts: This might seem drastic, but sometimes re-establishing the connection between your accounts can resolve sync issues. Unlink your Warframe Mobile account from Cross Save, then relink them following the official instructions.
  6. Contact Support: If none of the above steps work, don’t hesitate to contact Warframe support. They can investigate the issue further and potentially offer solutions specific to your situation.

Additional Tips

  • Back up your iOS save: Before merging your accounts, consider backing up your iOS save data in case you want to revert later.
  • Keep your accounts updated: Ensure your Warframe accounts across all platforms are up-to-date to avoid syncing issues.
  • Check for updates: Regularly check for updates to the Warframe app and the Warframe website for potential bug fixes and improvements to the cross-save functionality.

Final Words

Warframe’s iOS cross-save is a fantastic addition for Tenno who want to play on the go. With a little troubleshooting and proper setup, you can seamlessly continue your Warframe journey across platforms. Remember, if you encounter issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Warframe support for assistance. Tenno together, strong!

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