How to Fix Warframe Login Failed Check Your Info

Warframe is a popular online game that lets you play as a space ninja in a sci-fi world. However, sometimes you may encounter a frustrating error message when you try to log in: “Login Failed Check Your Info”. This means that the game cannot verify your email and password, even if you are sure that they are correct. This can happen due to many reasons, like server issues, network problems, firewall settings, proxy settings, or VPN services. In this post, we will show you some possible solutions to fix this error and enjoy Warframe without any hassle.

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Before We Begin

Before diving into potential fixes, ensure you’re not facing a server-wide issue. Check Warframe’s official Twitter (@playWarframe) for any known login problems or maintenance periods. If they announce issues, just wait patiently until the resolution and the Tennoverse will be accessible again.

How to Fix Warframe Login Failed Check Your Info

How to Fix Warframe Login Failed Check Your Info

1. Reboot Your Router and Device

This classic tech troubleshooting staple often works wonders. Power off your router and device (PC, console, etc.) for 30 seconds to clear temporary data and refresh the connection.

2. Reset Your Router

The first thing to try is to reset your router. This can help to refresh your internet connection and resolve any potential network problem. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Power off your router and unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait for at least 5 minutes.
  • Plug your router again and power it on.
  • After the internet access is granted, play Warframe and see if the issue is fixed.

3. Check Your Firewall Settings

Another possible cause of the error is that your firewall is blocking the game from accessing the internet. To fix this, you need to add an exception for Warframe in your firewall settings. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Control Panel and search for Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Click on Change settings and enter your administrator password if prompted.
  • Click on Allow another app and browse for the following files: Launcher.exe, Warframe.x64.exe, and Warframe.exe. These files are usually located in the folder where you installed Warframe, such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Warframe.
  • Check the boxes for both Private and Public networks for each file and click OK.
  • Restart Warframe and see if the problem is fixed

4. Double-Check Credentials

It may sound obvious, but a typo in your username, email, or password can trigger this error. Carefully re-enter your login details, paying close attention to capitalization and special characters.

5. Verify Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you have 2FA enabled, remember to include the 2FA code when logging in. Ensure you’re using the correct method (e.g., app notification, email code) and double-check its accuracy.

6. Disable Third-Party Interference

Antivirus software or firewalls might flag Warframe as a security risk, blocking its connection. Temporarily disable them (remember to re-enable later for security) to see if the issue persists.

7. Clear Cache and Cookies

Corrupted data in your browser or launcher can hinder login attempts. Clear your browser cache and cookies, or try launching Warframe through a different browser/launcher entirely.

8. Check Network Connectivity

Ensure your internet connection is stable and working properly. Run a speed test to confirm sufficient bandwidth and try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network or using mobile data to isolate the problem.

9. Flush DNS Cache

Your device’s DNS cache might contain outdated information that disrupts connections. Flushing the cache can help. Instructions on how to do this depend on your operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.).

8. Verify Game Files

Corrupted game files can create login problems. Run a file verification through your launcher (Steam, Epic Games, etc.) to repair any inconsistencies.

10. Update Warframe and Launcher

Outdated software can cause compatibility issues. Make sure both Warframe and your launcher are updated to the latest versions.

11. Consider a VPN (as a last resort)

In rare cases, your internet service provider (ISP) might be blocking Warframe’s connection. Using a VPN can circumvent this, but use it cautiously and only with reputable providers. Remember, some online games frown upon VPN usage, so check Warframe’s terms of service before proceeding.

Bonus Tips

  • Change Your Password: If you suspect someone might have tampered with your account, change your password immediately. Choose a strong and unique password for added security.
  • Contact Warframe Support: If none of the above solutions work, reach out to Warframe’s official support team. They can provide further assistance and investigate the issue on their end.

Final Words

Remember, Tenno, patience and a methodical approach are key to overcoming technical hurdles. By following these steps, you should be able to conquer the “Login Failed Check Your Info” error and return to wreaking havoc across the Origin System in no time!

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