How to Get iOSGods App on iOS

iOSGods app is a popular online platform offering access to a vast library of tweaked and cracked apps, emulators, and games for iOS devices. While Apple’s App Store strictly regulates the apps available, iOSGods bypasses these restrictions, allowing users to get apps that wouldn’t be found in the official store. However, getting and installing apps from third-party sources like iOSGods comes with inherent risks and raises ethical concerns. Here is the full guide about How to Get iOSGods App on iOS

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Warnings and Risks

Before we delve into the process, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks:

  • Security vulnerabilities: Apps getting from unofficial sources may contain malware or viruses that compromise your device’s security and data.
  • App instability and crashes: These apps may be modified versions and lack proper compatibility or testing, leading to crashes and performance issues.
  • Account revocation and device ban: Apple may revoke your Apple ID or even ban your device for using unauthorized software.
  • Copyright infringement and ethical considerations: getting these apps is illegal and unethical, as it deprives developers of their rightful revenue.

How to Get iOSGods App on iOS

How to Get iOSGods App on iOS

If you’re still interested in getting the iOSGods app, here are three main approaches:

Using a Jailbreak

  • Jailbreaking is the process of modifying your iOS device to bypass its restrictions and install apps from outside the App Store. However, jailbreaking is complex, carries risks of bricking your device, and may void your warranty.
  • Once jailbroken, you can install apps using a third-party app installer like Cydia. iOSGods offers its own app repository for jailbroken devices.

Using a Third-Party App Signing Service

  • Several online services sign app installation profiles for a fee. These profiles allow you to install the .IPA file (iOS app package) directly on your device without jailbreaking.
  • iOSGods offers its own signing service called iOSGods+, but other popular alternatives include AltStore, Signulous, and AppDB.

Here’s a general guide for using a signing service (replace “X” with the chosen service):

  1. Get the .IPA file of the desired app from iOSGods website or another source.
  2. Sign up for a free or paid account on the signing service (X).
  3. Upload the .IPA file to your X account.
  4. Get the signed app installation profile from X to your device.
  5. Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management on your iOS device.
  6. Tap on the profile and install it. Trust the profile when prompted.
  7. Open the Settings app and find the newly installed app (usually under the “Profiles” section).
  8. Tap the app to launch it. You should now be able to use the app.

Other Methods to Get iOSGods App

  1. TrollStore (iOS 14.0-15.5.1): This semi-tethered jailbreak allows direct installation of IPA files (app packages) from iOSGods. It’s relatively easy to set up but requires a computer and specific device compatibility.
  2. Sideloadly (All iOS versions): This desktop tool signs and installs IPA files onto your device without a jailbreak. However, you need a developer account and certificates, which can be challenging to obtain.
  3. iOSGods+ App (Requires VIP Subscription): This paid app from iOSGods lets you get and install modified apps directly from your iPhone. While convenient, it’s not free and requires a recurring subscription.

Important notes

  • Signed app profiles expire after a certain period (usually 7 days), and you need to re-sign them to continue using the app.
  • Some services, like iOSGods+, offer automatic re-signing for paid users.
  • Apple may revoke profiles at any time, rendering the app unusable until re-signed.

Alternatives to iOSGods

  • There are several other alternative platforms offering similar app libraries, including TutuApp, AppValley, and TweakBox. However, remember that using any of these platforms carries the same risks and ethical concerns as iOSGods.
  • Consider exploring free and legal alternatives available on the App Store before resorting to third-party sources.

Final Word

Getting apps from third-party sources like iOSGods is a risky and potentially illegal practice. While this post outlines the general process, it’s crucial to weigh the risks and ethical implications before proceeding. Consider alternative options available within the App Store and prioritize your device’s security and data privacy. Ultimately, the decision to use third-party sources like iOSGods lies with you, but remember to proceed with caution and awareness.


Getting apps from third-party sources like iOSGods carries risks and may violate Apple’s terms of service. This post is for informational purposes only and does not endorse or encourage sideloading apps.

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