How to Use Auto Clicker on iOS (Without Jailbreaking)

Tired of repetitive tapping on your iPhone? Wish you could automate those clicks in games or apps? Well, say hello to the liberating world of auto clicker on iOS! Contrary to popular belief, harnessing the power of automation on your iPhone doesn’t need jailbreaking or shady third-party apps. Apple has built-in accessibility features that, with a little tinkering, can change your iPhone into a tap-tastic machine.

This blog post is your guide to mastering the art of auto-clicking on iOS. We’ll delve into the built-in tools, explore alternative methods, and equip you with the knowledge to transform your click-a-thon into a smooth, effortless experience.

How to Use Auto Clicker on iOS: Switch Control and Recipes

How to Use Auto Clicker on iOS (Without Jailbreaking)

The key to iOS auto-clicking lies in two hidden gems: Switch Control and Recipes. These accessibility features, primarily designed for users with physical limitations, can be cleverly repurposed to automate repetitive tasks.

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Step 1: Activate Switch Control

  1. Head to Settings > Accessibility > Switch Control.
  2. Toggle the Switch Control on.

Step 2: Create a Switch for Tapping

  1. Tap Switches and then Add New Switch.
  2. Choose Screen.
  3. Select Full Screen.
  4. Under System, choose Tap.

Step 3: Design Your Auto-Clicking Recipe

  1. Tap Recipes and then Create New Recipe.
  2. Name your recipe (e.g., “Auto Clicker”).
  3. Tap Assign Switch and select the Full-Screen switch you just created.
  4. Tap Custom Gesture and draw the tapping pattern you want to automate. You can tap multiple locations, hold for specific durations, and even swipe.
  5. Play around with settings like Repeat and Speed to customize your auto-clicking behavior.
  6. Tap Save and your recipe is ready!

Step 4: Launch Your Auto-Clicking

  1. Go back to Switch Control and tap Launch Recipe.
  2. Select your newly created recipe.
  3. Now, the magic happens! Configure Accessibility Shortcut to activate Switch Control quickly. You can choose a triple-click of the side button, a double-press of the Home button, or even voice commands.

Bonus Tips and Tricks

  • Accessibility Shortcut: You can customize the shortcut to trigger your auto-clicking recipe with ease.
  • Multiple Recipes: Create different recipes for many tasks, like a rapid-fire tap for games or a slower, more even tap for apps.
  • Accessibility Menu: Access Switch Control and your recipes quickly from the Control Center.
  • Use with Caution: Auto-clicking can be a powerful tool, but use it responsibly and ethically. Avoid exploiting it in games or apps where it’s not intended.

Alternative Methods:

While Switch Control is a fantastic built-in solution, some alternative methods can provide additional features or convenience:

  • AssistiveTouch: This built-in feature provides a customizable on-screen button that can be programmed with various actions, including custom taps.
  • Third-Party Apps: While Apple doesn’t allow dedicated auto-clicker apps, some workarounds exist through automation apps like Shortcuts or MacroMaker. These provide more complex scripting and automation possibilities but need careful configuration and may violate Apple’s terms of service.


Can I even use auto clicker on iOS without jailbreaking?

Absolutely! Apple has hidden gems within its accessibility features that can be repurposed for auto-clicking magic. Switch Control and Recipes are your secret weapons, no jailbreaking required.

What is auto clicker?

An auto clicker is a software or hardware tool that automates the process of clicking on your digital device. It can simulate finger taps, swipes, and holds with incredible precision and speed, freeing you from endless manual clicking.

Final Words:

While iOS auto-clicking offers immense convenience, it’s crucial to use it ethically and responsibly. Don’t exploit it for unfair advantages in games or automate tasks that harm others. With responsible use, iOS auto-clicking can be a game-changer, saving you time and effort while adding a touch of automation magic to your iPhone experience.

With a little tinkering and the power of Accessibility features, you’ve unlocked the secrets of auto-clicking on iOS. Go forth and conquer those repetitive taps, but remember to use this newfound power wisely and respectfully. The world of automation awaits, click by click!

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