How to use Paperback iOS

Tired of mainstream manga apps with limited libraries and frustrating ads? Then dive into the world of Paperback iOS, a powerful manga reader that puts you in control. While other blogs might cover the basics, we’re going beyond the surface to unlock Paperback’s hidden gems and turn you into a pro reader.

How to use Paperback iOS

1. Curating Your Dream Library

Yes, Paperback lets you add popular repositories like MangaDex and Tachiyomi. But the real fun lies in exploring niche sources. Here’s how:

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  • Hidden Gems: Dig deeper into the “Discover” section. Tap “All Sources” and scroll down to find smaller repositories like “Crimson Scanlations” for unique indie manga or “Historical Scans” for a taste of the past.
  • Direct Links: Know your favorite scanlation groups? You can directly add their website URLs as sources, granting access to their exclusive releases.
  • Community Power: Join the Paperback Discord server ( and the “Sources” channel. Users share hidden gems and custom repository links, opening up a world of possibilities.

2. Customization

Paperback isn’t just about reading; it’s about personalization. Here’s how to make it truly your own:

  • Reading Tweaks: Go beyond the basic page turn options. Experiment with reading modes like “Panel by Panel” or “Continuous Scrolling.” Adjust the reading direction, zoom levels, and even gutter space for a perfect fit.
  • Colorize Your World: Tired of black and white? Enable the “Color Manga” extension for vibrant manga experiences. Adjust the color intensity and style to match your preferences.
  • Organize Like a Pro: Don’t let your library become a chaotic mess. Create custom categories, sort by genre or release date, and even add personal ratings to curate a library that reflects your taste.

3. Power of Extensions

Extensions are Paperback’s secret weapons. Enhance your reading with features like “Smart Panels” (automatically zooms in on panels), “Color Correction” (adjusts brightness and contrast), or “Read Aloud” (turns manga into audiobooks!). Explore the community-built extensions available in the “Settings” tab and discover new ways to enjoy your manga.

4. Power of Automation

Paperback isn’t just for casual readers; it’s for power users too. Automate your manga experience with these tricks:

  • Smart Downloads: Set up automatic downloads for new chapters of your favorite series. Never miss a release again!
  • Offline Reading: Going on a trip? Pre-download chapters for offline reading. No Wi-Fi, no problem!
  • Backup & Restore: Protect your precious library. Export your data regularly and easily restore it when needed.

5. Remember, Community Matters

Paperback is more than just an app; it’s a community. Here’s how to get involved:

  • Join the Discord: Ask questions, share discoveries, and connect with fellow manga enthusiasts. The Paperback community is always helpful and welcoming.
  • Contribute to the Project: Paperback is open-source, and anyone can contribute code or suggestions. Help make Paperback even better for everyone!

6. Embrace the Unofficial

Remember, Paperback isn’t available on the App Store. Installing it requires alternative methods like AltStore or TestFlight. While this might sound daunting, it also gives Paperback the freedom to offer features that official apps can’t. So, take the leap and experience the true power of manga reading on iOS.

Bonus Tip: Feeling adventurous? Explore the “Extensions” section in Paperback. You’ll find hidden gems like “Text-to-Speech” for hands-free reading or “Manga News” to stay up-to-date on the latest releases.

FAQ: How to use Paperback iOS

How do I install Paperback?

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think! Several methods are available, like AltStore and TestFlight. Check out Paperback’s detailed guides for step-by-step instructions:

Is Paperback safe to use?

It’s generally considered safe, but as with any unofficial app, caution is essential. Avoid pirated content and stick to reputable sources. Remember, Paperback itself is not responsible for the content you access.

Final Words

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be reading manga like a pro on Paperback iOS. So, go forth and explore, discover hidden treasures, and personalize your reading experience. Remember, the only limit is your imagination!

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