Is Granblue Fantasy Available on iOS?

Ahoy, captains and crew! The winds of adventure are blowing, and many of you are setting sail for the wide-open sky of Granblue Fantasy. But before you embark on your journey, a crucial question arises: Is Granblue Fantasy available on iOS?

The answer, like the high seas, is a bit more nice than an easy yes or no. So, grab your spyglass and prepare to chart a course through the complexities of Granblue Fantasy’s mobile accessibility.

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Is Granblue Fantasy Available on iOS?

Is Granblue Fantasy Available on iOS?

Officially, Granblue is not available as a dedicated app on the iOS App Store. This means you won’t find it by searching directly.

How to Get and Play Granblue Fantasy on iOS

However, fear not, intrepid seafarers, for there are still ways to get on your iOS device!

1. Using Browser Route

Granblue Fantasy is primarily a browser-based game, accessible through your device’s browser. You can visit the official website ( and log in to your account to play directly. While not a native app, this option provides full access to the game’s content and features.


  • Playable on any iOS device with a browser.
  • No need to get or install anything.
  • Full access to all content and features.


  • Relies on a stable internet connection.
  • May not be as optimized for touch controls as a dedicated app.
  • Browser limitations might affect performance.

2. Third-Party App Stores (Caution Advised)

Some third-party app stores provide unofficial Granblue Fantasy “game” for iOS. However, we strongly advise against using these for many reasons:

  • Security risks: These apps may contain malware or other security vulnerabilities that could harm your device or data.
  • Unofficial and unsupported: They are not developed by Cygames, the official Granblue Fantasy developers, and may not function properly or be updated regularly.
  • Potential violation of terms of service: Using these apps may violate the terms of service of both Granblue Fantasy and the app store.

3. The Japanese iTunes Store

For those who don’t mind an extra step and are comfortable guiding a Japanese interface, there is a workaround involving the Japanese iTunes Store. You can create a Japanese iTunes account and get the official Granblue Fantasy game from there. But this option has its limitations:

  • Requires creating a Japanese iTunes account.
  • The interface and menus will be in Japanese.
  • May still need a Japanese IP address to play.

Important Note: While this workaround might be technically possible, we cannot endorse or guarantee its safety or compliance with Granblue Fantasy’s terms of service.

So, what’s the best option?

Ultimately, your best choice depends on your preferences and priorities. If you prioritize convenience and full access to the game, the browser route is a solid option. However, if you prefer a native app experience and are comfortable with the limitations, the Japanese iTunes Store workaround might be worth exploring (with caution).

Remember: Always prioritize your device’s security and avoid unofficial apps or methods that could put your data at risk.

Beyond Availability

Whether you choose the browser or the Japanese iTunes Store route, here are some extra tips for enjoying Granblue Fantasy on your iOS device:

  • Use a stable internet connection: Granblue Fantasy heavily relies on an internet connection, so ensure you have a strong and reliable signal.
  • Consider a controller: While touch controls work, using a controller can significantly improve your gameplay experience.
  • Join the community: The Granblue Fantasy community is vast and welcoming. Seek out online resources, guides, and forums for help and advice.

With a little planning and the right approach, you can set sail on your iOS device and explore the vast and wondrous skies of Granblue Fantasy. So, raise your anchor, chart your course, and bon voyage!

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