Is Vencord Mobile Available on iOS?

What’s more amazing is that even among the plethora of Discord clients that have come to the limelight alongside Windows, Linux, and Android they still stood out and have the biggest users of any third party. Though the service is only available on Android at this time, do not forget about those on iOS. Now the depth analysis of Vencord Mobile being compatible with iOS devices isn’t over yet.

Here are the Key Takeaways:

  1. Vencord for iOS: Not available.
  2. App Store Policies: May prevent Vencord’s iOS approval.
  3. Discord’s TOS: Mods like Vencord could violate it.
  4. iOS Alternatives:
  • Enmity: Modifiable iOS client.
  • BetterDiscord: Desktop mod, unofficial on iOS.
  • Ripcord: Clean desktop client, not for iOS.
  • Security: Use mods with caution, aware of risks.

What is Vencord?

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It is a Discord client customized and has achieved brightness with its Android version which is called Vendroid. Thus, it is a compatible website for Discord that is running Vencord independently. Having an additional function through the development of third-party bots is another advantage of this app, even the official Discord app doesn’t have.

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Is Vencord Mobile Available on iOS?

In lacking an official app for iOS, meanwhile, there is no official app of Vencord for iOS devices. Vencord’s focus has mainly been on the development of the game for Android, which is used as a help to demonstrate the potential of such a project. The GitHub repository entry of Vendroid not show any recent updates, telling GitHub users to switch to Android as they will not be able to port this app to iOS.

Features of Vencord

Vencord, belonging to that family of Discord Client, includes almost all possible features, that bring a perfect experience to users. Here are some of the notable features:

  • SpotifyControls: Manage your Spotify music playlist inside Discord.
  • MessageLogger: Track the deleted and modified ones.
  • Experiments: Taste the experimental features that aren’t yet officially released.
  • GameActivityToggle: Switch on/off your game activity effortlessly.
  • Translate: Translate messages as they are being delivered.
  • NoTrack: The raised privacy through blocking tracking.
  • QuickReply: React to the messages promptly through pre-made messages.
  • Free Emotes/Stickers: Use emojis and stickers without either restriction.
  • PermissionsViewer: View the permissions granted to users in a server.
  • CustomCommands: Make and use custom instructions.
  • ShowHiddenChannels: Go for channels you rarely see.
  • PronounDB: Add pronouns from PronounDB onto Discord.

Third-Party Clients and App Store Policies

As for App Store, third-party apps which are designed to mirror the purpose of currently existing apps should observe the very strict policies that Apple has. Which means that x Apple’s review process is very rigid, a mobile version for the iOS platform might be rejected regardless of being created by Vencord.

User Discussions and Alternatives

The one truth that comes out of forums like Reddit is that although Vencord is not the subject of an embargo, in the eyes of Discord’s Terms of Service, it may be at odds with it. Discussions by users searching for a BetterDiscord mobile alternative revealed that mods with support on both Android and iOS are not officially backed and may personally incur risks.

Alternative for Vencord iOS

If you’re looking for alternatives to Vencord for iOS, here are some options that you might consider:

  • Enmity for iOS: The Enmity is the Discord app’s alteration which manages additional addons, improving the customizability. It is accessible to iOS users and guides you through the installation process using AltStore.
  • BetterDiscord: Desktop versions are really the primary goal, but some users have made iOS types to run BetterDiscord possible thanks to different methods, even though this is not officially supported and breaks Discord’s Terms of Service policies.
  • Ripcord: Ripcord, as the desktop app, provides an intuitive & convenient interface (for Discord and Slack). The iOS version is not planned by the developers; however, it is a truly valuable tool for users of desktop platforms.
  • Aliucord: Just like Hervicord, a modded patch for Android, Aliucord offers some of features that are similar to Vencord. It’s only for Android devices, but don’t flinch for iOS users, you never know for sure, so trying the app might be the best option.


But right now those iOS Discord fans can wait or start looking for other ways to try and upgrade their Discord experience. On one side, Vencord comes up with a special purpose for both android users but on the other hand, the failure to address or tap into the iOS platform as well is noticable. Whether or not Vencord will venture into the iOS market remains to be seen, but for the time being, the answer is clear: Vencord Mobile is Presently not Supported on iOs.

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